Hi there! I’m Kenton —
an engineer by training, a business operator,
an aspiring techie, and a life enthusiast.

About me

Hi, I’m Kenton, and love to problem solve and figure out how things work. I love to continually learn, discover new products, create solutions, and synthesize new ideas. I find it very satisfying solving problems. Whether it’s troubleshooting a new prototype for a robot linkage, or choosing the best products for a new business, I love the explorative space and creativeness needed to tackle the world’s most interesting challenges. 

I’m a technically trained mechanical engineer with diverse hands-on experience in both engineering and business. I have in-depth experience in hardware design and rapid prototyping at firms including Carbon 3D and Kaiser Permanente. I’m currently a project manager for a small real estate firm, where I organize the vision and design for real-estate projects, along with managing contractor teams for renovations. I am always interested in a new challenge. Reach out at KentonKwk@gmail.com; I’m always happy to chat.