ADU Garage Conversion

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are one of the best ways to add value to a property, especially in the Bay Area, where there is a perpetual shortage of housing. I have found that one great way to add an ADU is by converting an existing garage to an ADU. This converts inhabitable space into a complete unit with kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. 

One project I did was the planning and execution of a garage conversion. ADUs have all the complexities of a whole house, constrained by a small package. They require all the same electrical codes, kitchen and bathroom complications, and structural analysis a large house needs just to name a few. The ADU I built started as a neglected garage and needed complete renovation. I designed the layout and complete plans, involving moving structural walls, adding plumbing, electrical, earthquake reinforcement, and complete refinishing. I did a title 24 analysis, which is required for all California projects as well. 

I also managed the contractors who executed the project. There were 5+ teams I managed, These teams did plumbing, electrical, windows, and others. Even with all the plans in place, every day has the potential to be different and unexpected. For example, a piece of wood found embedded in the foundation meant an unexpected change of plans while we got it removed and filled. 

Here are some rough photos to showcase the process. 

Finished exterior of ADU. New siding, windows, roof, doors
The original dilapidated garage. Untouched for probably 40 years. Few windows and doors.
Replacing the entire exterior, adding windows and doors to increase light.
Reinforcing the structure to modern code requriements.
The original electrical panel. Did not have enough amperes to supply the ADU
Installing new cabinets