Antique Telephones

I have been collecting telephones for years and have amassed over 100 telephones. Vintage telephone have a simple lasting beauty that I really enjoy. The telephone was the first technology that truly and effectively connected the world. For over a 100 years, it enabled transcontinental business, ideas, and human connection. Bell System, the leading telephone business, grew to be the largest business empire before anti-trust actions broke it up in the 80’s.

In addition to telephones, I collect typewriters, fountain pens, and other interesting antiques. I collect, clean, and restore these beautiful pieces of history and restore them to their former glory. Almost all of my pieces have been restored to complete working condition. Here is some of my collection.

Western Electric Candlestick c.1920-c.1930
Automatic Electric 3-slot Payphone c.1950-c.1970
Western Electric D1 202 c.1925-c.1937
Kellogg ‘Redbar’ c.1940-c.1950
Underwood Typewriter c.1920
Remington No. 10 Typewriter c.1900