Bike Powered Irrigation Pump

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Testing a Tech MVP: A Home Renovation Contractor Booking Platform

Brickplank: A product development project  TL:DR I did a side project on an area I am familiar with: connecting homeowner and contractor Market Opportunity: Right now it’s huge $100B market, but a fragmented (leader has only ~5% share), with confusing process to find a good contractor and untapped potential What did I do: I wanted to think about the market, design a product strategy, and push a MVP in a scalable content aggregator, using a Python crawler, NLP, and a basic website  RETRO: MVP failed to pick up traffic due to unrefined content from my automated process. Still see huge market opportunity in lead generation business. Intro I’ve been working… Read More »Testing a Tech MVP: A Home Renovation Contractor Booking Platform

Mushroom Foraging

I’m an avid home cook, so I first got started hunting for gourmet mushrooms, like porcini and morels. Over time, I started to appreciate and notice the beauty and amazing variation of mushrooms, besides their culinary aspects. They are seemingly everywhere, while hiding in plain sight. They are very ephemeral, they will fruit for just one week out of the whole year, before rotting away. They make the most boring rainy days fascinating. They make the most mundane forested hike an amazing discovery. I often go on 1/4 mile hikes, with probably more elevation gain from squatting looking at mushrooms. Every hike is treasure hunt and a unique adventure.