Engineering Prototype: Bike Pump Project

One of my favorite projects was creating a prototype bike powered pump. We worked with the World Bike Project and Buffalo Bikes to to prototype a low-cost, light weight, easy to manufacture, but higher efficient pump to empower developing country farmers. While prohibitively expensive and heavy treadle pumps exist, the current low cost alternative are hand-pumps. We wanted to level-up the power by harnessing the mechanics of a bicycle (a very common device), to provide more water at low cost. You can read a presentation that does an in-depth analysis to our design, creation, and analysis. I used CAD, quick prototyping, 3D printing, and many other mechanical engineering tool-kit skills,… Read More »Engineering Prototype: Bike Pump Project

Real Estate Market Urban vs Suburbs, 1 year into Covid: SQL Analysis

TL:DR People are leaving city for suburbs SF market slows, Suburban market is HOT Lower demand for SF >>¬† prices flattened Very low supply in suburbs >> 25% increase in price Real estate businesses like brokerages and OpenDoor may struggle in certain suburban markets¬† Analyzed data with SQL (Ex: Table Creation, Queries, Aggregate Functions, Joins, Inline Queries) using SQLite (in appendix) Background Through the pandemic, we have seen a large scale exodus away from cities to suburbs. Quarantine has emphasised the living pains of high density, expensive, and cramped city life, while the attractive social attractions and city culture have been restricted. Work/school/life at home has been especially stressful to… Read More »Real Estate Market Urban vs Suburbs, 1 year into Covid: SQL Analysis

ADU Garage Conversion

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are one of the best ways to add value to a property, especially in the Bay Area, where there is a perpetual shortage of housing. I have found that one great way to add an ADU is by converting an existing garage to an ADU. This converts inhabitable space into a complete unit with kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.  One project I did was the planning and execution of a garage conversion. ADUs have all the complexities of a whole house, constrained by a small package. They require all the same electrical codes, kitchen and bathroom complications, and structural analysis a large house needs just to name… Read More »ADU Garage Conversion