Experience: Nestate, Carbon3D, Kaiser Permanente, UC Davis Prototype Lab, Buffalo Bikes

Skills: SQL, Matlab, SolidWorks, CAD, CAM, Python (Basic), CA Building Code, Title 24

Interests: Product, Analyst, Business, Management, Operations

Here is a little more about me
and some of my favorite projects.

Online Contractor Marketplace MVP

I created a MVP tech product to capture the real estate contractor services market. (Skills: Product thinking, Product strategy, Market analysis)

SQL Analysis of Real Estate Prices

I analyzed real estate with SQL, to show how the Pandemic has changed urban and suburban prices. (Skills, SQL querying, Analysis, Writing)

ADU Design and Construction

I fully designed and managed the construction of an ADU project (Skills: Project Management, Investment, Real Estate Construction)

Bicycle-Powered Irrigation Pump

I created a working human bicycle powered irrigation pump for developing farmers. (Skills: Prototyping, Mechanical Engineering, Leadership, Hardware Design, CAD)

Antique Telephone Collection

I’m an avid antique phone collector – with over 100+ in my collection. Explore my collection. (Skills: Antique Collecting, Antique Restoration, Bargaining, Value Hunting)

Mycology Foraging

I’m an ameture mycologist – I’m intimately aware of hundreds of mushroom species, and have personally foraged over 500 pounds which I‘ve sold to gourmet restaurants (Skills: Hunting, Attention to Detail, Hustle)